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Harmony Recording Project


November 30, 2016 by jaredsweggg


I made the Lesson Harmony in the key of C obviously and in GarageBand, it was pretty easy I just jammed on the piano until I felt like I a song and cut out the bad parts.  The song I chose for One Of My Favorite Harmonies was Message In A Bottle by The Police.

Lesson Harmony

I originally had one track with both parts in them so that it would be easier to time and then I copy and pasted the track, deleted the solo from one and deleted the chords from another so it was easier to see.

One of My Favorite Harmonies




There’s three different guitars going at the same time, one is plucking a chord and the other two are playing a couple notes of the chord that guitar one is playing and it harmonizes really well together.

Harmony Terms

  • Harmony – Two or more sounds that come together to sound nice
  • Drone – One note “droning” on
  • Harmonics – A note added to the original note by playing it differently
  • Triad – Chord made of three notes
  • Polyphony – “Many voices” simultaneously playing notes to harmonize
  • Progression – I ii iii IV V vi vii
  • Tonic – 1st
  • Dominant – 5th
  • Passimezzo Antico – Tonic – Dominant – Tonic (minor)
  • Passimezzo Moderno -Tonic – Dominant – Tonic (major)
  • Dischord – Deliberate collision of notes
  • Dissonance – Deliberate collision of notes
  • Passing Notes – Notes that don’t belong to a chord but are played while moving from one note to the next
  • Suspended Notes – Letting a note linger over a chord it doesn’t belong to
  • 7th Chords – 7 steps up the musical scale added to the
  • Diminished Chords – Making a chord smaller by moving a note towards the other notes on the scale
  • Augmented Chords – Making a chord bigger by moving a note away from the other notes on the scale

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I used the notation editor a lot more than I ever have before and it made making these songs a little bit easier by just jamming and then moving them across instruments.  I used GarageBand and Hooktheory to make the song and find the key of Message In A Bottle.


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